Names for baskets in many languages and from the past as well as the present.
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Words meaning "BASKET"

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Basket              English            the origin of this word is unknown

Bascaid            gaelic

Basced             Cornish           

Basceid            irish     

een Bijenkorf    a Dutch skep    (Bijenkast is a wooden beehive)

Calathus           Latin /Greek          sacred basket of Jupiter, a vase shape

Canasta            Spanish

Canaster         English                  Rush basket for packing tobacco

Canister            English                basket for bread, flowers, etc.

Canistra            Latin

Cawl                 Old English       a basket    (Cornish, a creel)

Ceawl              Anglo-Saxon

Ceofl                Anglo-Saxon

Cesta               Italian

Cesta               Spanish

Cestina             Italian

Cista                Latin

Coffer              English         (Middle English, coffre, cofre)   basket, later a box, for valuables

Colum               Latin

Cophinus          Latin

Corbeil             French                          earth filled defensive basket, (replaced by sandbags)

Corbis               Latin

Corwgl              Welsh                     basket  
                                                           (hence "coracle" - a boat made of  basketwork)

Creel                 Middle English and Scots      fish basket,  fish trap

Cyntell               Welsh basket with hazel frame and willow sides.

Denit                  Ancient Egyptian

Dorser(or dosser)         Middle English      a pannier carried on the back

Dudh                bible                            for carrying fruit

Fan                  English         Particularly a winnowing fan, the flat basket used 
                                            in separating grain from chaff.  Compare with French, van.

Fiscella              Latin

Fiscus                Latin

Fooer                anglo-saxon

Frail                  English              made of rushes, for fruit, (30 to 75lbs quantity contents)

Gulios                Greek  

Hamper             English              food basket   (U.S. a 2 bushel oyster basket)

Hanaper         English         basket for documents or money   

Hask (haske)     English         Spenser, a fish basket

Kaneon             Greek

Kelubh              Bible                             carrying fruit

Kete                 Maori basket,  made from NZ flax, harekeke

Kibsey              English dialect

Kipe                  English dialect         hand basket, for catching fish, or as a measure

Kishie                Scots farm basket made of straw, used as a back pack.

Kit                     English                  straw or rush basket for fish

Kophinos         Greek                           as used in feeding the 5000

Korb                German

Korbo              Esperanto

een Korf           Dutch basket, also a beekeeping skep

korg                  Swedish basket

Leap               Old English            a basket

Lepis                Anglo-Saxon

Liknon             Greek

Lipp or Lippa     Old Norse            a basket

Nebet               Ancient Egyptian

Opuris              Bible, Greek                  as used in feeding the 5000

Paniere             Italian

Panierino          Italian

Pannier             French/English         usually for food or fish. also a backpack,
                                                         and in pairs for horses or bicycles.

Ped                  late Middle English      A pannier or hamper with a lid

Pitaka               Sanskrit

Potato molly and Potato Prickle     English         types of farm baskets

Pricket             English

Punnet            English                        small wood-chip soft fruit basket

Putchard/putcher/putt    English          salmon trap

Quppi               Cuneiform

Rourou             Maori food basket

Ruskie              a bee skep in Scotland

Sal                   Bible                                for bread

Salsilloth           Bible                             for grapes

Schepkorf        Dutch                  a small skep used for collecting swarms of bees.

Scruttle             English                       fish trap

Sellu                 Cuneiform

Shabti               Ancient Egyptian

Skep                English                  beehive, also, in Yorkshire, a big basket on skids
                                                                                used in a woolen mill.

Skeppa            Old Norse         a basket

Skibbie             English 

Skip                 English              very large general purpose basket, mining and building work

Sportula            Latin

Spyrte               anglo-saxon

Sussulu             Cuneiform

Swill                  English.              Owen Jones' oak baskets include swills.

Talaros             Greek

Tandel              English                    measure for fish,1419                          

Tebhah             bible                             Moses' basket

Tene                 bible                             household basket

Trug                 English (Sussex)            wooden basket for vegetables etc. Made like a
                                                            boat from curved boards rivetted together.

Van                 French            A winnowing fan, wide and flat with two handles. 
                                       Hence vanner, to winnow and vannier, a basket maker.

Vannus             Latin

Wahakura       Maori           A woven crib made from New Zealand flax, harekeke.

Weel                English              fish trap

Whisket            English

Wilige               Anglo-Saxon

Willy                English             same as weel


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