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An eclectic collection of articles and pictures, some quite well known, others entirely new to me. You may find a gem amongst them.  Compiled by J. Waggle.

How to build a bee skep
The title of an article in Modern Farmer magazine.
It shows Charles Kennard at work in some very clear photos. Well worth a look for would-be skep makers.
Originally from England, Charles lives in California  .  He makes beautiful skeps.  

Recently a talented hungarian basketmaking colleague Tibor Kovacs sent me his address.
There is some wonderful work on display, especially some skeps made from rushes.
Rush baskets and embroidered costume seem to be Tibor's speciality. Well worth a look !

On You Tube, look for "La Vannerie Sauvage," number 3, which shows collecting materials and making baskets by the same method as skep making. It's in French but easy to follow and the pictures show what you need.

Look up "Haengekorb" on YouTube and you will find a truly unusual beehive that splits either side of a suspended board and opens both above and below. It does not look a practical system for keeping several colonies but is certainly an interesting experiment. Despite the name much of the talk is in English as it all happens somewhere in the USA, I think. Recently the "Natural" beekeepers have put up some more on this hive, from their stronghold in Sussex, UK.

A whole lot of "knowledge videos" (in german, mostly) were at  but unfortunately the site has closed and these are no longer available. A few may have survived on YouTube so have a search and if you find them, leave a reference on my CONTACT page.
Thanks to Janet Weber in New York for pointing out this loss.

If you are interested in corn dollies and other decorative straw work, go to   There are photos of beautiful work done by Elaine Lindsay who lives in Scotland and makes items to order.

Solitary and Bumble bees and how to keep them are on show in the wonderful German site at
Obviously it's best if you can understand the German but the pictures tell you a lot of what you need to know and are plentiful and very good. 
Good source of ideas for "bee hotels". If you want bees in your garden but without the trouble of beekeeping in hives, look for ideas here.
You can do a machine translation on Google, but it's a travesty and hardly worth the effort. for the British Beekeepers Association.  Lots of useful information about bees as well as about beekeeping in England. is the site run by Bedfordshire Beekeeepers Association.  for the North Bucks Beekeepers Association, the beekeeping organisation for Milton Keynes and adjoining areas.  is Northern Bee Books, where you will find two booklets I wrote in the list of "Nutshell" books.  Mine are numbers 17 and 18, about making wax models and making wax foundation.