I give  talks for beekeeping groups, but also for other clubs with more general interests, such as W.I. and U3A.      
I also set up my stall to demonstrate skep making and to sell produce at fetes and shows .   
And I judge honey shows.

Talks, Demonstrations, Classes and Judging

  • I give talks to clubs and societies on the following topics:
    Skeps and skep making (and willow basketmaking)
  • The history of beekeeping.
  • Preparation of exhibits for honey shows
  • I give demonstations of skepmaking at events

Unfortunately, I do not these days have the energy and stamina to teach  classes that are proposed to me.  There's quite a lot of preparatory work goes into a day's class - judging a honey show is a doddle by comparison.
I shall not be accepting any more classes unless especially interesting.

    Events in 2014:

    October 30th, Judge at The National Honey Show
    November 16th, Judge Oxfordshire BKA honey show at Cumnor

    And in 2015

    January 16th, Talk on Honey at Newbury

    No more skepmaking classes (unless especially interesting!)

    In my talks it's my policy NOT to use slides and projected pictures but to try for active participation by the audience, with plenty of relevant items to look at and handle, and where possible, things to make and do.
    The wax talks involve hot wax and use of electricity. The audience do not get to handle these.
    For skepmaking classes I supply all the materials and lend the tools, with started skeps to ease the process at the beginning. A whole day is needed for completion but materials can be taken home to finish an item.
    If you have a particular interest in a related unlisted topic, just ask.


    When judging Honey shows I like to leave a thick trail of little notes and comments if there is time, aimed at helping people to overcome problems and improve the presentation of their honey, wax, craft and other entries. 
    Have a look at my notes for guidance of exhibitors, on my WIN PRIZES AT HONEY SHOWS page.