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Music, skeps, bees, baskets, talks and demonstrations.
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Skeps and skepmaking are the main topic here.
If you share some of my interests I'd like to hear from you.

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You might wish to to book me for a talk to your club, or to judge your honey show or to demonstrate skepmaking. 
I live at Newton Blossomville in Milton Keynes, England, though the postal address says Bedford.
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Please don't email Martina (there really is someone called Martina Newton and it's NOT ME.)

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Recent changes:-
I have started to revise the layout of the site to make it easier and more useful to skepmakers.
There is a lot to do so please be patient and if you are feeling particularly helpful tell me what
changes you would like to see.

Photo taken at a Skepmaking class at The National Honey Show, 2012   (yes, it's me)

N.B. I would like to credit the lady who took this photo but have lost her name. If you know who it is, please tell me. This photo was used in the recent American Bee Journal article about Charles Kennard's skep and boat making.  The ABJ is the premier beekeeping magazine in the USA.

My interests 

            (I am a BBKA Judge for honey shows and have over 35 years experience with bees)
basketmaking       (I make willow baskets, useful rather than arty)
skepmaking          (straw beehives) especially reproductions of the past)
natural history
       (my B.Sc. is in Botany and Zoology)
playing the horn    (and the viola, badly) 
languages               (try me in French, German, Russian or Esperanto).

I play the horn in
The Wolverton Light Orchestra and 
The Open University Orchestra,

both in Milton Keynes, England.

Beekeeping Events I am involved with are listed on the TALKS page

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